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Listen to the Smokey Robinson tune Get Ready, a demo track I recorded with the Coyote Kings:

Get Ready


There are lots of free downloads on my Downloads page; grab what you want and let me know what you think.


Come see me in person! Let’s hang out! Seriously. Visit the Gigs page for a list of my upcoming shows.

Tell It Like It Is

An R&B favorite. Performed with Coyote Kings at Thomas O’Neil Cellars.

Only Love I Know

Thomas O’Neal Cellars, Feb. 2012

NYE Eve at the O

New album released!

Move, the new album, is out. You can get it here.


Rock Me

Unplugged with Rob and Mike last April.


I’ve updated my gigs page with upcoming performances… finally! Hope to see you at a festival or winery this summer!

I’ve also given a bit of an online vocal ped lesson here.


The 17th annual blues festival was yesterday. WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME. So many good players, and even a sprinkling of great ones. Music everywhere, hot sunny weather, and great people!

Pics are here:
Ritzville Blues Festival

UnTapped Blues Festival

I sang with Coyote Kings yesterday at the UnTapped blues festival. It was a fantastic good time! Here’s my photo set:



If you’re a Coyote Kings fan and would like to help your buddy Mush play the 2010 Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival festival with them, take a minute and vote here for us, would you? Thanks!

UnTapped Kick-Off at Ice Harbor

Last night I joined Coyote Kings at Ice Harbor Brewing Company for the official kick-off party for the UnTapped Blues Festival.

The festival is coming up in May and tickets officially went on sale last night at Ice Harbor; there were some stellar deals, too, like six for the price of five tickets, and free posters and hats. Very cool stuff.

The joint was packed all night, the dance floor was full, and the band had a really great time. I recently quit smoking so I was really enjoying seeing what my voice could do!

If you’re on Facebook, Dave’s pictures from last night (he has a great camera with a really nice lens) are here!

To recap: UnTapped tickets are now officially on sale! Don’t forget to get yours. Nancy’s getting married onstage right after our set; you totally don’t want to miss that!

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