I’m an R&B and blues singer, currently performing with the Coyote Kings all around the Northwest and occasionally with the Seventh Ray in the Midwest.

In the past I’ve sung with Stormy Heaven, The First World, The Diamondbacks, and The Arnold Brothers & The Motor City Rhythm Section. I’ve opened for Richie Havens and Bo Diddley.

I started singing at 13, and studied classical voice until I was 22. After that I got into jazz for awhile, then R&B, and eventually the blues. I’ve been singing professionally for 20 years.

For my full bio, click here.

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  1. Comment by Timmer
    June 20, 2011 @ 6:54 pm

    It was very nice meeting you Saturday night. You’ve caused my head to swell right out of my hat. I’ve demanded a huge raise from Franco and I don’t think he’s a bit pleased about my newly discovered sense of self worth.
    I’ve been cyborstlaking you all day. Love the pictures when your smiling. The ones when you’re not seem to have the sunshine taken out of them.
    I was checking out your bio and noticed some overlap. I wonder if we met when you were singing with the Arnold Brothers. I played for them on a few occasions and our paths used to cross all the time in the 90’s. I got to back Bo Diddley a few years back while he was playing through the northwest. Interesting guy with a very young and strange girlfriend.
    Anyway, students coming in. Time to go. See you down the road at that gig we’re booked on together. Hope I get to hear you then.

    Best wishes,

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